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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5G a replacement for satellite internet?

5G is not a replacement for satellite internet. Only major cities can get a great benefit from 5G. Moreover, upgrading the current cellular infrastructure to 5G is costly. In the USA, more than 200 billion dollars is necessary to upgrade the existing cellular infrastructure.

What is 5G internet and how does it work?

5G internet, like satellite, is wireless—but unlike satellite—it's not completely wireless. Here's the deal: from the cell tower to your home router and WiFi modem, 5G internet is wireless. However, the cell towers themselves need to be hooked up to a fiber internet source.

What is the difference between 5g and 5 GHz?

While the terms 5G and 5 GHz may both be used to discuss wifi capabilities, the similarities end there. When using the term 5G, people often are referring to 5G wifi, which is very different from 5G cell service. What is 5G?

How many satellites will it take to build 5G?

Companies and governments have plans to launch approximately 50,000 satellites to provide 5G and Wi-Fi services everywhere on Earth. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is leading these efforts with its planned deployment of 42,000 Starlink satellites and its goal of establishing a global network.

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