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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP MDG?

SAP MDG is the tool of choice for phase 2 “Keep It Clean”: It ensures that only master data of adequate data quality reach the system landscape. An important prerequisite is, that SAP MDG starts with correct and harmonized master data. This cleansed and harmonized master- data basis will be created in phase 1 “Make It Clean”.

What is SAP master data governance?

What is SAP Master Data Governance? A unified, trusted view of your business enables you to work more efficiently and make better decisions. The SAP Master Data Governance application helps you pull together master data and manage it centrally using a master data management layer based on SAP Business Technology Platform.

What are the MDGs in master data management?

The MDG key functionalities are workflow-based master data creation, master data distribution to SAP and Non-SAP Systems, mass changes, duplicate checks, data quality monitoring, rule mining, workflow monitoring and master data consolidation. What’s the difference between Master Data Integration and Master Data Management?

How does MDG work?

After approval, the data is sent to the tables of the creative master data. The data is then distributed throughout the system, that agrees to the modification of this Master Data. This way, MDG provides consistent permissions, definition and data duplication to both SAP Business and non-SAP systems.

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