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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Sandy Spring Bank business online banking?

From reviewing your Sandy Spring Bank account balances to paying your employees with direct deposit, Business Online Banking most importantly keeps your business information safe and secure. Here’s what our Business Online Banking customers like best.

Why Sandy Spring Bank for PPP?

Apply for PPP forgiveness today. “Since DC has so many government contractors, they understand our needs, and we’re still with Sandy Spring Bank because of the service. Sandy Spring Bank is always there for us.” "I’m very grateful I have a partner to manage all the aspects of our business and make sure the school is in top shape.

How do I get a statement from Sandy Spring?

Go green and receive statements two to three days earlier than you do with postal mail. Electronic Statements include images of paid checks, can be saved to your computer, and stay in the system for up to two years. We know you are on the go, use our mobile app to keep track of your Sandy Spring Bank accounts.

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