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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Edwards Aquifer important to San Antonio?

For over two centuries, San Antonio and many other cities in the surrounding region were able to grow and prosper without developing surface water or other water resources because of the Edwards Aquifer. In recent decades, demand for water in the region has increased well beyond the Aquifer's capacity to provide for a growing population.

What is the Edwards Aquifer water level index?

The EAA uses this information for official historical reporting and for determining and enforcing groundwater reductions during periods of high aquifer demand and/or drought. Well J-27 is the official Edwards Aquifer water level index well for Uvalde County. Automated equipment in J-27 collects water level data which is reported to the EAA.

Where does San Antonio's drinking water come from?

It stretches across thousands of acres over several counties in South Central Texas. Roughly 70 percent of San Antonio’s drinking water originates as recharge occurring west of Bexar County. Rainfall enters the aquifer through fractures, caves, sinkholes and other features and replenishes the aquifer.

What is the aquifer level in the San Antonio Pool?

For example, since the ground level at J-17 measures 730.8 feet above msl, when the water rises to 70 below the ground’s surface, subtracting 70 from 730.8 gives us an aquifer level reading in the San Antonio Pool of 660.8 feet above msl.

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