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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung SSD come with cloning software?

As we know, Samsung solid state drive (SSD) is popular among computer users due to its excellent performance. Along with it, Samsung offers a free Samsung cloning software for data migration, which is called Samsung Data Migration.

How do I clone Samsung SSD?

Step 1. Connect the HDD and Samsung SSD to PC, launch EaseUS free Samsung cloning software and go to "Clone" feature. Here select the HDD as the source disk and then click "Next". Step 2. Select the Samsung SSD as the destination disk and then click "Next".

Does Samsung data migration work?

About Samsung Data Migration Software. Samsung provides users a tool specially for migrating OS and data from existing storage device to SSD called Samsung Data Migration (SDM), which can migrate your data in three steps. This Samsung Data Migration software is acclaimed by users at the first time.

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