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Frequently Asked Questions

What states have no food sales tax?

In many states, groceries are exempt, in others, they are taxed at a reduced rate, and a small number include them fully in the tax base. (Five states, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon , have no sales tax.) View previous Monday Maps here.

Do grocery stores charge sales tax on food?

Food sales from a delicatessen of prepared foods by a grocery store are generally subject to sales tax. If several items are sold together as part of a meal and they are not separately itemized, the total amount charged for the meal is subject to sales tax.

Do I need to pay sales tax on food?

If the answer to both parts of this question is yes, then retail sales tax must be collected on all sales of food and food ingredients. The only exception is for items containing four or more servings that are packaged as a single item, sold for a single price in an unheated state, where the seller does not provide a utensil to the buyer.

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