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Frequently Asked Questions

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Home delivery and Digital Access customers of The Salem News get deals for restaurants, hotels, attractions and other businesses, locally and across the country. Check out our series of podcasts on topics from high school football to Halloween in Salem.

What's on the agenda for Salem City Council in January?

SALEM — When the new City Council is sworn in the January, the 11-member body will be full of new leaders and will have plenty on its agenda. BEVERLY — National Grid officials on Tuesday night tried to allay residents’ concerns about a controversial underground cable project scheduled to go through the streets of Beverly.

Why are taxes going up in Salem?

BEVERLY — William Riley, a Salem police officer and head of the department’s officer union, had tears forming in his eyes as he left the Northshore Education Consortium Wednesday morning. SALEM — Each year, the same news hits: tax rates are down, but taxes are up because of rising property values.

What is the Salem State exhibit?

Launched in 2017 by Gloucester artist Amy Kerr, the Salem State exhibit is the first time that the entire collection of 36 portraits and essays from around Massachusetts will be seen together.

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