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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the old newspapers in Ohio?

(New Waterford, Columbiana County, Ohio) 1894-1920 New Waterford: New Waterford Times. (New Waterford, O. [Ohio]) 1881-1884 Rogers: Noon Tide. (Rogers, Ohio) 1890-1903 Rogers: Weekly Noon-Tide. (Rogers, O. [Ohio]) 1888-1890 Salem in Columbiana County: Columbiana County Republican. (Salem, Col. [Columbiana] Co., O. [Ohio]) 1855-1857

Where is the homestead Journal located in Ohio?

Salem in Columbiana County: Homestead Journal, and Village Register. (Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio) 1847-1848 Salem in Columbiana County: Homestead Journal. (Salem, Ohio) 1848-1855

Where can I find early marriages and deaths in Ohio?

Early marriages 1847-1863 and deaths 1877-1900 : abstracted from old newspapers in Columbiana Co. Ohio ; Wellsville, Ohio 'Patriot', East Liverpool, Ohio 'Tribune.' WorldCat Record of administrators, deaths, marriages, etc., collected from Mahoning Valley newspapers, 1839-1863.

What is the oldest newspaper in Wellsville Ohio?

Wellsville: Evening Record. (Wellsville, Ohio) 1898-1904 Wellsville: Weekly Union. (Wellsville, Ohio) 1893-1913 Wellsville: Wellsville Commercial Advertiser and Farmers and Mechanics' Register. (Wellsville, Ohio) 1838-1840 Wellsville: Wellsville Daily Union.

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