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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salad Fingers illiterate?

Salad Fingers is most likely illiterate, as seen in episode nine, when he scribbles all over a piece of toilet paper. A very popular theory among fans is that his finger puppets were once people from his past, though their roles are debated.

Does Salad Fingers have hallucinations?

Hallucinations: Salad Fingers seems to exist in a world almost entirely based on the conjuring of his own fractured psyche. Whether or not the reality we as viewers see is completely in his head is the subject of WMG. Hearing Voices: Or, rather, not hearing voices.

What is the reaction of Salad Fingers?

Dissonant Serenity: Salad Fingers' reaction to such things as a man dying by his house or a horse getting its stomach ripped open is to smile and casually continue to carry on a one-sided conversation with them.

What is Salad Fingers good at?

Salad Fingers appears to be talented at sewing, as evidenced by the fact that his shoes are stitched together, the finger puppets he owns are high quality, and he was able to create a suit out of flesh for Hubert Cumberdale. Salad Fingers can also play the flute, as seen in the episode Nettles.

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