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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of Safari?

Cons: Uses more memory to run. SAFARI. Pros: Faster page-load times, provides all security features, contains an iOS (iPhone, iPad) browser, extremely fast download and use (primarily for Mac users). Cons: Lack of customization, built-in Google search engine issues, difficulty deleting cookies, some compatibility issues, lack of add-ons.

What is Safari used for?

The definition of safari is of a style of clothing that is worn on expeditions or hunting trips, especially through Africa. An example of safari used as an adjective is in the phrase "safari pants," which mean the style of pants that one would wear on a tour through the African jungles.

How safe is Safari?

Application developers confidently claim that Safari is the leader among other well-known web browsers such as Opera and Google in terms of site loading speed. Safari provides reliable protection of the system against malicious Internet pages, will block pop-ups and suspicious files, synchronize files between different devices and much more.

What do I need for a safari?

While you do not need a large selection of shoes for a safari you will want to bring at least one pair for hiking and one pair for casual use. Wear athletic socks with a pair of ankle length hiking or walking boots. In some parts of the continent you will want ankle protection from snakes.

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