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Frequently Asked Questions

What is/R/ryukahr?

Welcome to /r/Ryukahr, a place for Ryukahr's community to hang out and talk about gaming, music and LIFE! 1. 2. No politics, no racism, be NICE!

Who is ryukahr from Super Mario?

His claim to fame is his master status as a Super Mario champion which he regularly streams on Twitch and his private YouTube page. Ryukahr was born on March 25th, 1987, in the United States. His first memory of playing Nintendo was when he was five years old, wherein he and his brother played against his dad on the original Mario Brothers.

What happened to ryukahr?

By 2019, things changed for Ryukahr with respect to his digital recognition and his growing community. He learned from friends that Reddit went live with streaming services that allowed gamers to build a separate community on that platform, vs. Twitch and Youtube.

How did ryukahr learn to play the piano?

He purchased a piano and went through self-taught lessons where he would practice by playing video game melodies, including Final Fantasy VI, Tetris, and Super Mario World. Ryukahr knew that he wanted to turn his hobby into a career but knew that to do that, he needed some level of accountability to keep him advancing and improving.

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