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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a list of Twitch drops for rust?

Drops ALL RUST TWITCH DROP SKINS List over all Rust skins that were obtainable for free by watching Twitch Streams. Including skins for streamers such as: xQc, Shroud, Pokimane, Sodapoppin, Myth and more.

What are the best random drop skins in rust?

ALL RUST TWITCH DROP SKINS. 1 Weapons. 2 Albin MP5. 3 Bigchase's God Bow. 4 Blooprint SAR. 5 Deathwingua MP5. More items

What counts as a drop in rust?

All Rust streams with the Drops Enabled tag will count towards earning drops. However, streamer-specific drops will require you to watch a specific streamer in order to get their drop. All participating streamers are listed above and all active campaigns and their conditions can always be seen on this Twitch page.

How do you get streamer drops in rust?

Viewers will need to link their Rust account to their Twitch account and watch each streamer for a set time. Times range from two hours to six and are listed above. Take note these streamer-specific drops can only be earned by watching that streamers channel.

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