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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Russian Blue Cats come from?

Not much is known about this rare breed; however, it is believed that the Russian blue originates from northern Russia, specifically the Archangel Isles. According to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), cat rumor has it that "the Russian blue breed descended from the cats kept by the Russian Czars.

What kind of cat is a Patronus?

Occamy Patronuses may seek and thrive on attention but are also commonly very defensive, especially around those they don’t know. Ocicat - While the Ocicat is a house cat, it looks like a small wild cat due to its crazy coat of spots and stripes. It has the athletic personality to boot! This cat loves to be active.

What is the personality of a Russian Blue Cat?

Personality: The Russian blue is a sweet-tempered, loyal cat who will follow her owner everywhere, so don't be surprised if she greets you at the front door! While she has a tendency to attach to one pet parent in particular, she demonstrates affection with her whole family and demands it in return.

How much does a Russian Blue Cat cost?

Much of the Russian Blue cat price, which typically ranges between $800-$1,200. However, Excellent pedigree Russian Blue cats, from famous breeding farms, with beautiful eye colors and beautiful feathers, will cost $1,500- $3,000.

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