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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Rusco filters?

Whether your water source is coming from well, lake or municipality, Rusco Sediment Filters will do the heavy lifting, keeping sediment from causing damage in your home. Rusco Chemical Resistant Filters feature a chemically resistant cover for use in applications with potentially corrosive or damaging chemicals.

How do you install a Rusco sediment filter?

Typically, you install a spin-down filter or sediment trap right after the pressure tank on a well system. Or, you may install it before a whole house filtration system in an area where you get a lot of debris out of the city water supply. A Rusco sediment filter should be the first filter for a water treatment plan on either application.

What is the difference between mesh and thousand mesh filters?

Mesh refers to how many holes or openings (picture a screen door) are in a square inch. A thousand-mesh filter has one thousand small holes in one square inch of material, which is equal to about 15 microns. Rusco filters go all the way up to 24 mesh, which is close to 711 microns.

What is 304 screen mesh made of?

–   304  Stainless Steel Screen Mesh in .028 or .023 –    Each model is pre-hung in steel or aluminum frame liners with 4 factory fitted steel hinges to allow easier installation. –    This stainless steel screen mesh is virtually slash-proof and heavy duty to provide added security while retaining ventilation.

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