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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view Rome2rio’s transport options on the website?

To view these options on our website, click on the settings wheel in the top menu. To view the full potential of Rome2rio, you can display our transport coverage by selecting ‘Transport’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the map on our website. This map will show routes operated by train, bus and ferry.

How do I book a Rome2rio ticket?

Sometimes you can book on the Rome2rio site and in other cases, you’ll book directly through the official rail company or an online travel agency (OTA). You’ll be able to tell which because at the bottom of the page after you’ve selected your options, it will say “via” and either Rome2rio or the name of a transport company or OTA.

How does Rome2rio work?

Users can enter their starting point and destination in rome2rio’s map-based UI, and rome2rio searches through flights, ferries, trains and driving routes to show you your transportation options for every leg of your trip.

How do I search for things to do in Rome2rio?

Rome2rio has access to a global database of attractions. Once you have begun your search using our website, click on ‘Things to do’ at the bottom of the interactive menu to reveal all the exciting attractions and things to do in the area. Can’t find an answer?

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