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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roles and responsibilities of data governance?

The data governance lead is responsible for all aspects of defining and operating the data governance policies and supporting the multiple data domains. They are ultimately responsible for implementing the data governance program vision, promoting the role of governance and enforcing policy, while following data governance best practices.

How do you implement data governance?

Most organizations adopt a control-centric approach to data governance. So, they develop a plan with policies to restrict access and design data governance roles and responsibilities to enforce these rules. Such plans embrace harsh security measures to protect data, manage risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.

What are the best practices for data governance?

Implementing data governance programs is a monumental undertaking. That’s why a solid plan, impactful goals, relevant and real-time metrics, and an emphasis on constant communication and collaboration are essential data governance best practices to embrace. Ready to make data governance effortless?

What are the data governance standards?

An effective data governance program has the right information and definitions embedded within the dashboard so that the provost can understand and correctly interpret the data. Data governance programs need to be built to support data consumers in a wide range of groups within the institution. Data custodians are typically part of IT departments.

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