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Frequently Asked Questions

How to plan road trip using Google Maps?

Click on the 'Maps' tab to see all your Google My Maps. Choose the map that you want to use for navigation. In this case, it's the Highway 61 Road Trip map. Then tap on a pin and you'll see a blue directions button. If you click that button you can start planning directions from your current location to there.

How to find a different route on Google Maps?

Open Google Maps and type in the address or name of the location you wish to travel to before pressing Enter. Once the location comes up, click the Directions button beneath the info card. Enter the starting point for your journey. ... More items...

How do I get Google driving directions?

Steps Go to the Google site.. Click the maps button. Type the start location and end location on the search bar. Or click get directions, then put the start and end locations. Read all the steps that navigate you to your destination.

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