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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Press-Enterprise Start Publishing in Riverside CA?

Riverside: Press-Enterprise. (Riverside, Calif.) 1983-Current Riverside: Press. (Riverside, Calif.) 1960-1981 Riverside: Press.

What is the oldest newspaper in Riverside CA?

(Riverside, Ca) 1995-Current Riverside: Daily Enterprise. (Riverside, Calif.) 1962-1977 Riverside: Evening Press-Enterprise. (Riverside, Calif.) 1981-1983 Riverside: Hayden's.

How old is Betty from Riverside CA now?

Published in The Press-Enterprise on Sep. 14, 2021. Aged 107 years, passed away in Riverside, CA on August 21, 2021 Betty was born in Greenbourough, MD on February 24, 1914. She and her husband, Douglas, made their home in Seattle, WA where she worked in banking for 30 years. Following Douglas' death in 1988 Betty made Riverside her... Read More

When did the press and horticulturist start in Riverside?

Riverside: Press and Horticulturist and Riverside County Reflex. (Riverside, Calif.) 1897-1899 Riverside: Press and Horticulturist. (Riverside, Cal.) 1885-1886 Riverside: Press and Horticulturist. (Riverside, Calif.) 1880-1897

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