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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a job posting in Naukri resdex?

A job posting allows you to post job requirements on Naukri platform where interested candidates can apply. Resdex allows you to search resumes and reach out to the relevant candidates from India's largest pool of jobseekers. Can I communicate with candidates in Naukri Resdex?

What is Naukri Job postings?

A unique feature of Naukri Job Postings is the flexibility it provides job seekers to apply for jobs without registering on the database . This helps them attract senior professionals to apply on Job Postings in complete confidentiality. Happy to share that Naukri is our default and preferred channel to source responses.

What is resdex enterprise?

A comprehensive Talent Planning tool that helps organizations shape their hiring strategy through real-time u0003insights on talent distribution, salary trends, competitive benchmarking and more. That’s not all! Get customised training & priority support with Resdex Enterprise.

How can Naukri help you?

Reach out to millions of jobseekers and hire quickly with our fast and easy job posting services. Source candidates from Resdex − India’s largest Talent Pool and find the perfect talent for your organisation. Naukri is used as the main tool for talent acquistion by lacs of recruiters across all kinds and sizes of industry.

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