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Frequently Asked Questions

When should landlords sign a rental lease?

Landlords should aim to sign a rental lease 30 days before the unit becomes vacant. As a landlord, your goal is to always have tenants in your rental property so you are earning rental income. As soon as tenants move out, you want new tenants moving in.

What do I need in a rental lease?

What You Will Need to Rent an Apartment and Get a Lease Proof of Employment. Most potential landlords will accept pay stubs or an offer of employment letter as proof that you're employed. Credit Check. ... Photo Identification. ... List of Past Addresses. ... Most Recent Tax Return. ... Banking Information. ... Reference Letters. ... Proof of Residency. ...

What is the difference between renting and leasing?

Renting is the act of paying for the use of a car, an apartment, or a house while leasing is letting a person live on a property in exchange for money. 2. ... Renting is short-term, usually for only a month, while leasing has a longer term, usually for six months or more.

Is a rental lease considered a legal?

A lease agreement or a rental agreement is a vital legal document that should be completed prior to a landlord renting property to a tenant. While both agreements are similar in nature, they are not the same and it is important to understand the differences.

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