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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a lease agreement?

Landlords need to create a rental agreement before renting the property to tenants. The rental agreement, or lease, should be in writing and signed by both the landlord and tenant. The lease should include the name of landlord and tenant, the property address and the date when the lease begins and ends.

What is a business property lease agreement?

A Commercial Lease Agreement is a contract used when renting business property to or from another individual or company. It gives the tenant (also known as a lessor or renter) the right to use the property for business purposes during the term of the lease in exchange for payment to the landlord.

What is a valid lease agreement?

Requirements for a Valid Lease. A lease or rental agreement is a legal contract between two or more parties wherein the owner of the property (the lessor or landlord) agrees to allow someone else (the lessee or tenant) to use, possess, and occupy the premises for certain purposes, under certain conditions, and often for a specific period of time.

What is standard lease agreement?

Standard Capital Lease Agreement. Also known as a finance lease, a capital lease is the one in which the tenant gains full control over the usage of the property during the lease term. He is also responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the property, and is affected directly by its pros and cons too.

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