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Frequently Asked Questions

What organizations help with rent?

Catholic Charities USA is a national organization that has helped with paying rent arrears. It works through local HUD certified counseling agencies. A list of these agencies can be found at the Catholic Charities USA website under programs, housing counseling.

How can I get help with my rent?

Visit social service organizations in your community, nonprofit organizations and local churches. These type of organizations can often provide emergency rent assistance to those in need. If a particular organization is unable to provide assistance, ask if it can provide a referral to an organization that can help.

How can I get cash assistance on my rent?

Some banks offer financial assistance with paying rent and other utilities. The bank has to coordinate with the landlord so they can pay the rent directly. In most cases, they require tenants to have good credit history and a good credit score to qualify.

Who helps with rental assistance?

The National Low Income Housing Coalition keeps track of all the rental assistance programs available on its website. Renters in need can start there to find a program in their area. They can also reach out to the United Way or its 211 program for assistance.

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