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Frequently Asked Questions

Will redfin buy my house?

In select locations across the United States, Redfin is willing to purchase homes for cash. If you live in one of the RedfinNow markets, you’ll get an offer to buy your property within days and can complete the transaction within 30 days of accepting it.

Does redfin buy homes?

Yes — Redfin’s iBuyer service, RedfinNow, makes near-instant cash offers on homes. The program makes three promises: certainty, convenience, and control. [1] To deliver on these promises, Redfin purchases qualified homes as-is — with no need to repair, market, or list your property.

How much do Redfin real estate agents get paid?

Redfin Agents Earned a Median Income of $112,200 in 2020, More than Double the Median of $49,700 for Traditional Agents. Redfin strives to be the best employer in real estate by offering excellent compensation, benefits and opportunities for career growth. The median income for all Redfin lead agents was $112,200 in 2020.

Does redfin do rentals?

Redfin is a real estate brokerage, with agents who help people buy and sell property. As such, Redfin only shows homes for sale and off-market or sold properties. We do not display rentals. If you think that a home is for rent, please try reviewing the original rental advertisement for leasing and contact information.

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