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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Redbubble a legit site? is a scam company that lure artists into making a profile on their site, and upload their work in hope of selling it and make money. This is what RedBubble promises all over their website. "Upload your art and sell it as T-Shirts or photo prints, and make a lot of money".

Is Redbubble safe to buy from?

Those who are wondering, “Is Redbubble safe to buy from?” can rest assured that yes, this website does have the proper safety precautions in place to maintain a safe and secure shopping experience. Is Redbubble Safe? Legit? Is Redbubble Legit? Part of answering the question “Is Redbubble legit?” comes from their corporate presence.

Does Redbubble own my art?

Does Redbubble own your art? No! Redbubble is essentially licensing your artwork to sell on products and the license is non-exclusive.

How do Redbubble works?

Here's exactly how Redbubble works, from a seller or designers point of view: You sign-up for a Redbubble account and upload your artwork. You decide what products to list that artwork on - including deciding on the colours, position etc. You give your design a title, a description, and include as many relevant tags (keywords) as possible. You publish your product: it is then available for sale on Redbubble.

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