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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Red Sox ever win at home?

Every home game from May 15, 2003, through April 10, 2013, was sold out—a span of 820 games over nearly ten years. The team most recently won the World Series in 2018, the ninth championship in franchise history. Contents

When is the next Red Sox game?

Yankees, Red Sox could reportedly play two-game series in London in June 2019. Baseball's biggest rivalry could go overseas in 2019. It looks like Major League Baseball will visit Europe in 2019.

What is Red Sox baseball team?

The Boston Red Sox are an American baseball team from Boston, Massachusetts that play in Major League Baseball. They became the World Series Champions in 2013. The Red Sox are a member of Major League Baseball's American League East Division and of the American League itself. The Red Sox have played at Fenway Park since 1912.

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