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Frequently Asked Questions

When does endless shrimp start at Red Lobster?

Red Lobster announced Oct. 18, 2021, that from then on until an undisclosed date, consumers can order endless shrimp all day, every day throughout the week. In the past, the shrimp deal was only available on Mondays.

Why did Red Lobster end its endless shrimp deal?

While there’s no official word on an end date, the deal typically runs through mid-November. Slickdealer zhelder notes that not all available shrimp dishes are advertised by Red Lobster, so feel free to ask your server about other “secret” menu options.

How much does endless shrimp at Red Lobster cost?

How much is Ultimate Red Lobster Endless Prawns? The Ultimate Endless Shrimp is priced at $ 17.99 in the US and $ 23.99 in Canada, and will be available at participating locations in the US and Canada. The offer costs $ 5 to $ 6 more from Friday through Sunday, depending on the location.

When is endless shrimp coming back to Red Lobster?

Zaxby's Partners with Red Cross to Offer Free Sand... Endless Shrimp makes its annual return to Red Lobster for fall 2021 and features the option to mix-and-match various shrimp dishes in all-you-can-eat fashion.

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