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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Red Lobster navigator Employee Portal?

Jump to The Benefits of Red Lobster Employee Portal - Red Lobster Navigator is an employee portal owned by Red Lobster Restaurant. Do you work at the Red Lobster Restaurant?

What is the Employee Assistance Program at Red Lobster?

Employee Assistance Program Resources not limited to confidential counseling, support with on-staff attorneys and financial professionals, as well as referrals for child and elder care. From the Red Lobster family to yours- Financial assistance to help you grow your family. Your physical well-being is important to us.

Why choose Red Lobster medical enrollment?

Your physical well-being is important to us. Medical enrollees have access to tobacco quit programs, biometric screenings, weight loss programs, and more. Describes ultimate career opportunities that are so craveable and fun they can only be found at Red Lobster.

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