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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose MSM Recording Arts?

MSM Recording Arts has committed to delivering the highest-quality recordings to the students and community of MSM. All recordings of student recitals and private recording sessions are delivered digitally in full-resolution format via convenient download links.

Where can I find livestreams of MSM events?

Most MSM mainstage concerts and events are livestreamed by the Distance Learning and Recording Arts Department. Livestreaming is also offered for student recitals that take place in Greenfield Hall, Mikowsky Hall, Miller Recital Hall, and Pforzheimer Hall. All livestreamed events are streamed on the MSM website at

What is our recording studio?

Our Recording Studio is your one-stop spot for all of your professional recording needs. We offer an individual working environment that allows artists and bands to focus on their creative and artistic processes. Our recording and monitoring rooms are designed to achieve the most precise possible acoustic properties and wound possible.

What is it like to record at Paramount Records?

Honestly, you could name a name and there’s a decent chance they’ve recorded at Paramount. Consisting of eight studios, four pre-production studios, a mixing/overdub studio and a mastering studio, the facility is a well-equipped creative space that has kept up with the times.

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