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What are the notes for Jingle Bells?

Visit At 5:30, following the Jubilee, comes the annual lighting of the State Capitol, with fireworks and performances by the Saint Mark's Baptist Church Choir and the Catholic High JROTC. KTHV-TV anchor Marlisa Goldsmith will be the emcee.

What are the xylophone notes for Jingle Bells?

Jingle bells, Jingle bells A C F G A Jingle all the way A# A# A# A A A Oh what funIt is to ride A A G A G On a one-horse open sleigh C Hey! (x2 Times) Jingle Bells Lyre Notes (Version 3) JINGLE BELLS Verse 1: D B A G D Dashing through the snow D D D B A G E In a one horse open sleigh E C2 B A F# O’er the fields we go D2 D2 C2 A B Laughing all ...

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