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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the most UFO sightings?

California has the most reported sightings of UFOs overall in the United States. Most of these are around the Los Angeles area. California is far from the only state in the country to have many UFO sightings though.

When was the last UFO sighting reported?

SALEM, MA — On Sept. 24, 2019, someone saw several balls of light over Salem power. The close encounter lasted 10 minutes, and was the last time someone reported seeing a UFO in Salem to the National UFO Reporting Center.

How many people actually report UFO sightings?

So 245,000,000 adults times .1674 equals 41,013,000; in essence, 41 million persons say they had a UFO sighting. So if we divide 41,013,000 people by 10,840 in average UFO sightings; we get 3,783. This suggests that 1 in 3,783 - or roughly 1 in 4,000 - persons actually reports what they see, on average.

Which state reports the most UFO sightings?

According to UFO Reporting Center data compiled by, the most southeastern area of Maryland that is home to the Ocean City beach resorts has the most UFO sightings per capita in the state, 29.14 sightings per every 100,000 people. Washington County is a distant second, with 19.5 sightings per 100,000 people.

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