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Frequently Asked Questions

When is rebel season 2?

Star Wars Rebels Season Two is the second season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. The season premiered with a one-hour television movie, The Siege of Lothal, on June 20, 2015. Regular episodes premiered on October 14, 2015 with the airing of "The Lost Commanders.".

What is the meaning of rebel?

Definition of rebel. (Entry 1 of 3) 1a : opposing or taking arms against a government or ruler. b : of or relating to rebels the rebel camp.

What is rebel in sociology?

1. a person who opposes or fights against people in authority, eg a government. The rebels killed many soldiers; (also adjective) rebel troops. rebel ثائِر، مُتَمَرِّد бунтовник rebelde povstalec(ký) der/die Rebell(in), Rebellen-... 2. a person who does not accept the rules of normal behaviour etc.

What is the synonym for rebel?

Synonyms of rebel. balky, contrary, contumacious, defiant, disobedient, froward, incompliant, insubordinate, intractable, obstreperous, rebellious, recalcitrant, recusant, refractory, restive, ungovernable, unruly, untoward, wayward, willful (or wilful)

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