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Frequently Asked Questions

What grade level is Eggspress?

Grade 6 980 – 1019L Reading Eggspress Maps 37 – 44 W 29 60 1020 – 1059L X 29 60 1060 – 1099L Y 30 60 1100 – 1200L Z 30 60 3 Storylands These 20 lessons contain 140 activities that cover Emergent and Early reading levels 1 – 10 and build reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills in the land of Clinker Castle.

How many lessons are in Reading Eggspress?

Reading Eggs & English Skills Section – More than 500 NEW grade level lessons Reading Eggspress F & P RR levels DRA for Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary levels Worksheets to support learning Every lesson comes with two downloadable worksheets to reinforce each skill or concept.

What are the different levels of Reading Eggs?

Level 1 Starting Out for absolute beginners, lessons 1-40. Level 2 Beginning to Read for emerging readers, lessons 41-80. Level 3 Building confidence for early readers, lessons 81-120. Clinker Castle is here! STORYLANDS, the popular Blake Publishing book series, has now opened in Reading Eggs.

What is eReading Eggspress?

Reading Eggspress makes reading real books, improving spelling skills and building reading comprehension highly engaging for kids aged 7⁠–⁠13. The online reading program is packed with hundreds of interactive reading activities, online children’s books, and literacy games. And it really works!

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