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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Office 365 on RDS?

I am setting up a new RDS (Terminal Server) in the near future. As volume licensing is expensive - I'll need 10 licenses, I heard you can install Office 365 on RDS as long as the version supports Shared Computer Activation. The thing I'm not sure about is, I will only be licensing the RDS for 10 user connections.

How does RDS-outlook work with M365/RDS?

M365 / RDS - Outlook prompts to login and activate on each login. We are deploying a new RDS environment (currently in the testing stage). Every time a user logs on and open Outlook, they are prompted to sign in and 'Activate Office'.

How many users do I need to activate RDS?

For each user that logs in and opens Office they need to activate it - not like the Open Licensing of Office 2010 where the administrator loaded it and activated it and all other users just got it. So to answer that question - if you have 50 different people randomly accessing the RDS server they will all need to activate.

How to resolve the Office 365 activation issues?

Open the administrator portal and on the right side select the user with the activation issues. After selecting the user, make sure that the correct Office 365 subscription is assigned. Sometimes there is an issue when the user's subscription changes. Whenever a user activates an Office 365 installation the name of the device is registered.

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