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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is rayraytheon technologies?

Raytheon Technologies teamed with Indal Technologies/Toronto, L3-Adaptive Methods Inc, Purvis Systems, SeaCon, Southbay and SeaCorp. Once under contract, the company also worked closely with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island — a key government collaborator.

Why choose Raytheon Intelligence & Space troposcatter communications?

Raytheon Intelligence & Space troposcatter communications solutions are ideal for first response and restoring emergency communications, major command centers, mobile command posts, offshore communication links, primary communications infrastructure and other mobile and fixed uses.

How did Raytheon respond to the Navy's sonar request?

A legacy company of Raytheon Technologies responded to the Navy’s sonar request with a rapid 20-month turnaround, from drawing room floor to rigorous testing to delivery. It helped that the company had a head start. “In 2012, the Navy started to signal they were looking for a new submarine detection sonar,” Monti said.

Why Raytheon Technologies for submarines?

With near-peer adversaries advancing their submarine abilities at an alarming rate, the need for technology that speeds up the detection, discrimination and engagement of such threats is more important than ever. A Raytheon Technologies innovation was ready to help — less than two years after the Navy put out the request.

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