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Frequently Asked Questions

What is adventurerangers of Oblivion?

Rangers of Oblivion is a monster hunting game featuring real-time combat and high definition graphics. It’s time to join the hunt! Join the Rangers and hunt down the monsters that plague this once peaceful land. Go alone or fight alongside your fellow Rangers to eradicate the corruption! Good hunting, Ranger!

What do you do in Rangers of Oblivion?

The main focus of a game like Rangers of Oblivion is to hunt big monsters and turn their spoils into weapons and armor capable of taking on the next big thing. You’ll spend a lot of your time picking out new equipment at Brokk’s blacksmith, but crafting them requires certain materials.

Is Rangers of Oblivion hard to run on PC?

If you’re running on a relatively new flagship, you shouldn’t have too much trouble running Rangers of Oblivion on the max graphics setting – that is, by tapping the “ultra” button by Graphics Quality, setting Resolution to High, and Players Shown to “Many”.

How do you use the joystick in Rangers of Oblivion?

Rangers of Oblivion – Controls. Rangers of Oblivion uses a virtual joystick for movement. This is found on the left side of the screen and will reposition itself if your thumb lands in its general vicinity – though this can be changed to a fixed position through the System menu.

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