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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Radio Shack still in business?

City’s Radio Shack one of the last still in business. Mark Brecheisen, left, and Sean Hadipour co-own and operate Derby’s Radio Shack store, which is among the few still in business. Along with selling parts and offering repair service, they manage to stay in business by selling a wide range of amateur, or ham, radio products.

What does Radio Shack sell?

Relying solely on its brick-and-mortar sales network, RadioShack began experiencing significant profitability and sales pressure, as consumers were buying electronics parts and other gadgets from online retailers such as Amazon and eBay .

What time does radio shack close?

In most cases, Radio Shack stores close between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., but different Radio Shack stores close at different times. The store locator page gives closing times for each individual store. There is no uniform closing time for Radio Shack stores. Different branches close at different times,...

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