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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact RaceTrac?

Contact RaceTrac directly by selecting one of the following options. Whether it's running into an ATM error, inquiring about a partnership opportunity, checking your gift card balance, becoming a vendor, or checking your application status, we can help.

What is store support at RaceTrac?

Store Support is on the front lines of the business, working to support the stores and guests by solving equipment issues and helping RaceTrac continue to provide the excellent guest service we strive to deliver. From our In-House Maintenance team to Guest Engagement, this is a job for take-charge, motivated troubleshooters with positive attitudes.

What does a RaceTrac retail administrator do?

As a vital resource for RaceTrac's corporate office, administrators require rock-solid organizational, planning and time-management skills in order to prioritize with a keen sense of urgency. This team works to design stores that are welcoming, bright and operationally efficient to serve our on-the-go guests.

Why RaceTrac?

At the Store Support Center, we make sure our stores are stocked and fully-supported to make people’s lives simpler and more enjoyable. Why RaceTrac? This team is not just accountable. They are reliable, responsible and timely. They assist with every financial move made company-wide.

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