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Frequently Asked Questions

How set up Quizlet live?

To begin a game of Quizlet Live: Sign in to your Quizlet account. Choose a set for your students to review. Select the Live button. Select Create game. Project your screen. Have your students go to and enter the join code displayed on your screen and their name.

How do you join Quizlet class?

Steps Log in. Go to your profile and click on "Join a class". Find the search box. Search through the classes. Click join class. Wait. Study in Quizlet and outside of it. Keep studying and use your class.

What is Quizlet live?

Quizlet Live is a collaborative, high-energy review game. It's based on Quizlet, the online flashcards platform that's been around for years. Students are sorted into groups and work together to answer all 12 questions correctly in a row to win.

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