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Frequently Asked Questions

What is quandong?

Quandong is actually the name of three wild bush fruits. Desert quandong (Santulum acuminatum), also known as sweet quandong, is the fruit that is written about here, but there is also blue quandong (Elaeocarpus grandis) and bitter quandong (S. murrayannum).

What does quandong fruit taste like?

Growing quandong fruit may be present at the same time as blossoms, accounting for a lengthy harvesting season. Quandong is said to smell like dry lentils or beans if slightly fermented. The fruit tastes both mildly sour and salty with varying degrees of sweetness.

Can you eat quandongs?

Quandongs have been a food source for Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, as a fresh or dried fruit, the latter keeping for up to eight years. The kernels of the nut can also be eaten, however they have a flavour range from sweet and almond-like to unpleasant and so are not commonly used.

How long does it take for quandongs to grow?

Harvestable quantities of fruit are produced about four years after planting. A medium-yield of cut and dried fruit may range from about 0.25kg in year four to around 8.25kg in year 15. Quandongs flower from later summer into early autumn. The fruit changes colour from green to red in late winter and harvest usually occurs during spring.

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