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Frequently Asked Questions

What is quad?

Quad | Uncomplicating marketing. Delivering more. Uncomplicating marketing. The truly integrated approach that businesses need to simplify marketing. Efficiency or Effectiveness? You shouldn’t have to choose. Quad maximizes our clients’ marketing spend effectiveness, by reducing complexities and process inefficiencies.

What is quad redundancy?

— Jill Smolowe 1 : having or composed of four items or elements : quadruple sense 1 The F/A-18 flight-control system … is characterized by quad redundancy, which means that there are essentially four levels of sensing and actuation for each control surface.

What is the difference between inline and quad?

Definition of quad. — McGraw-Hill Yearbook Of Science And Technology Quad skates are roller skates that have four wheels arranged in two rows, while inline skates have them in one line. — Jenee Osterheldt.

How do I contact quad for a quote?

Keep up with Quad as we keep up with the world. YouTube; LinkedIn; Twitter; Facebook; Contact: We welcome all feedback and inquiries. Call us at 888.782.3226. Email us or request a quote

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