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Frequently Asked Questions

What does qaip mean?

Quality Assurance Improvement Program (QAIP) 1 A. Ongoing Reviews 2 B. Periodic Reviews. ... 3 EXTERNAL ASSESSMENTS 4 A. General Considerations. ... 5 B. Timing. ... 6 C. Scope of External Assessment. ... 7 D. Considerations. ... 8 REPORTING ON QUALITY PROGRAM 9 A. Internal Assessments. ... 10 B. External Assessments. ... More items...

How should quality be assessed under the qaip?

Under the QAIP, quality should be assessed at both an individual audit engagement level as well as at a broader internal audit activity level. A well-developed QAIP will ensure that quality is built in to, rather than on to, the way the internal audit activity operates.

What is a quality audit improvement plan (qaip)?

It covers those elements required for conformance with the Standards, as well as elements that constitute better practice. QAIPs need to be tailored to the specific needs of each internal audit activity and, therefore, may come in a myriad of forms.

Does this document provide a framework for developing a qaip?

However, this document provides a generic framework for developing a QAIP that can be applied, regardless of the size or nature of the internal audit activity. Non-members may purchase this Practice Guide from the IIA Bookstore.

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