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Frequently Asked Questions

What does put a spotlight on mean?

put a spotlight on (someone or something) (redirected from put a spotlight on) To focus on or bring attention to someone or something. The article puts a spotlight on the need for government investment in public utilities and infrastructure. We're trying to put a spotlight on students who have made important contributions to the community.

Why do I Feel Like I'm under a spotlight?

Most people have the impression that others can read these internal attitudes pretty easily. Believing other people can see exactly how nervous, upset, or embarrassed you are can increase the sensation of being under a spotlight. Similar to your perception of the spotlight being on you, however, this impression is usually way off.

Is unemployment under the spotlight again?

getting attention from newspapers, television and the public: Unemployment has once again come under the spotlight. ♢ He’s a shy man, who really doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

Is the spotlight effect normal?

While the spotlight effect is just a normal part of being human, there are two things that can help when you feel like your mistakes are taking center stage. Overcoming the spotlight effect can sometimes be as simple as knowing it exists.

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