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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dress as a punk rocker?

Combine black with other dark colors and you can convince even the most skeptical people that you are really a punk rocker, if only for a night. You can mix 'n match the items below to put together your costume: A short, plaid skirt if you're a woman.

Can You Have Fun with punk fancy dress?

You can really have some fun with punk fancy dress because it’s 50% about the costume and 50% about the attitude! Punk style is loud and in your face so make sure this is reflected in your clothing choices. Many punks wore clothing with clashing patterns so plaid trousers like this from our Mr Anarchist costume would be ideal for an authentic look.

How to make your hair look like an 80s punk rocker?

Then for your hair – back-comb it to create the classic, messy 80s look or invest in a wig that will instantly transform you into an 80s punk rocker. You could even temporarily dye your hair with some coloured hairspray like this to create a clashing multicoloured look.

How do I choose the best punk shirt?

Show your punk pride! You have a lot of options when choosing a shirt. Band and concert T-shirts are always a good choice, as is any shirt with bright colors. It's best if the shirt is really tight on you. If you don't already have the right shirt at home, head to your local thrift store.

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