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Frequently Asked Questions

What is punk rock fashion?

Punk rock clothes and subculture became a cult of DIY,hard-edged clothing for hard-edged people. Spiked hair, bullets, rivets, safety pins, and ripped jeans made punk fashion looks like the raging survivors of a musical apocalypse. The punk rock outfit trends gave way to faster styles such as hardcore and various offshoots such as post-punk.

What are the different styles of punk dress?

Another style is the corset dress, which is often interchanged between gothic and punk fashion. It is an absolute staple in any punk girl's closet. Up next would be the classics, a simple dress decorated with spikes, studs, and prints. Some may even pay homage to the classic band t-shirt in punk dress form to get the best of both worlds.

Is punk rock style gender neutral?

You’ll notice that a lot of the clothing and accessories are the same for each gender. Punk rock style is known for having a lot of gender-neutral clothing options or being androgynous. When you get dressed every day your style should reflect a level of effortless.

What do you wear to a punk party?

Punk clothing styles, especially for women, have evolved over the years. However, in the long run, It all comes down to your sense of comfort and style. If you prefer a sassy look wear a short leather dress and a punk jacket; top it up with a pair creepers or platforms.

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