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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use prx800 speakers in high moisture environments?

4 The PRX800 Series speakers covered by this manual are not intended for use in high moisture environments. Moisture can damage the speaker cone and surround and cause corrosion of electrical contacts and metal parts. Avoid exposing the speakers to direct moisture. Keep speakers out of extended or intense direct sunlight.

Does the prx800 have Wi-Fi?

And with built-in Wi-Fi, the PRX-Connect app, and the new V2 firmware update, you’ll set up and experience the best sound PRX800 has to offer, faster than ever. For over 70 years, we’ve invested more into R&D than any other speaker company and PRX800 is no exception.

What accessories are available for the JBL prx800?

JBL offers durable speaker bags by Gator, and a variety of gas-assist and manual-adjust speaker stands built to seamlessly match your PRX800 system and provide a reliable foundation for your next gig, event or tour. See the complete collection of premium JBL PRX800 accessories.

What's new with prx800 V2?

With the new V2 software update, PRX800 defaults to the most common user settings, providing you impressive performance right out of the box. For fine-tuning, PRX Connect for Android and iOS tablets connects wirelessly to every speaker, offering full control over the powerful built-in DSP. Walk around the venue during sound check and see the

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