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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose PropertyShark?

PropertyShark has always been and will remain a game-changer in my business. PropertyShark is our first stop when we need to find the most accurate and up to the minute property data.

What is Property Shark? is a division of West Valley Properties, established in 1985 with one thing in mind... YOUR complete satisfaction!

How do I contact PropertyShark?

Phone: (718) 715-1758 Email: [email protected] Copyright 2003-2021,

What is the propertyware owner portal?

Propertyware is your gateway to knowledge, product alerts, support requests and more, when and where you want to access it. Sign up or sign in to get started. An even higher level of service with our new Owner Portal. Owners now have access to the documents and data they need, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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