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Frequently Asked Questions

What does our Equine Studies Program offer students?

Business administration with a specialized program of study in therapeutic horsemanship business management Therapeutic horsemanship What Our Equine Studies Program Offers Students We strive to create an environment where students get hands-on, real-world experience in addition to their classroom studies.

Why study equine studies at UCSD?

Study in the Horse Capitol of the World! The Equine Studies Program provides opportunity and training for students passionate about horses and seeking employment opportunities.

What do you study in equestrian management?

In equestrian degree programs, you will study many aspects of horse management, including equine behavior and facilities upkeep. Programs with a focus on the business of equine management will include courses in general areas such as finance and accounting. These topics could also be discussed: Horse judging.

Why study equine studies at Dal?

At the forefront of this is our equestrian program. This line of study gives students the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a number of careers in the equine industry. Our nationally recognized riding program is just one of the things that puts our equine studies program among the best.

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