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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary for a CSI?

As mentioned above, is an aggregator of self-reported salary data and reports position-specific salary data for CSIs. As of May 2021, among the 249 CSIs who reported their salaries to this site, the annual median wage for crime scene investigators was $48,401 (PayScale June 2021).

What is the job of a CSI?

Job Description for Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) A crime scene investigator (CSI) is responsible for securing and examining details left at the scene of a crime. They are responsible for sorting through evidence and details to assist prosecutors in building a case. This person must be precise and meticulous,...

What is CSI the experience?

CSI: The Experience is a traveling exhibition about crime lab forensic science and technology inspired by the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

What is CSI therapy?

CSI is a structural approach to cranial therapy rather than an energy-based. or fluid approach. Emphasis is placed on moving (aligning) physical structures. rather than moving cerebral spinal fluid or balancing the cranial rhythmic impulses (CRI).

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