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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan from my HP printer to my computer?

Install the HP software that came with your printer. If it's already installed, open the program on your computer. Put the file that you want to scan on the glass scanner, face down. Make sure the edges of the paper touch the sides with the arrows pointing to it. Select the logo of a wrench on the software program.

How do you install HP scanning software?

Insert the HP scanning software installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. The Installer should automatically start. If the Installer does not start, click Start and click Run. In the Open box, type D:\setup.exe (where D is the letter of the CD-ROM drive). Follow the instructions on the computer screen to install the HP scanning software.

How do you enable scan to your computer?

Switch on the printer. For network printers installed on Windows Operating System computers, open the HP software. Click on the scanner actions, select manage, scan to computer, and then click on enable. When you have your document or image ready, load it onto the scanner glass.

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