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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Georgia Department of Veterans Services do?

The department also oversees veterans education, on-the-job training, and apprenticeship training program management. The GDVS strives to assist veterans and their families receive all of their entitled federal and state benefits. For more information about GDVS services, please call 404-656-2300 or visit us online at

Where can I find more information about VA benefits in Georgia?

For more information regarding benefits or other veterans issues, call 404-656-2300 or visit The benefits described in this ebook are available to Georgia veterans pursuant to the authority of the state constitution, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated,...

Who is considered a veteran in Georgia?

Generally, the term “veteran” does not include anyone currently on active duty. Some benefits may be available to active duty service members, the Georgia National Guard, or Reserves.

What services does the Department of Veterans Affairs offer?

The department offers a wide range of services and programs. This includes help with veterans benefits claims and support during the appeals process. The GDVS also offers skilled nursing home care and compassionate cemetery committal services.

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